2022-2023 Board of Directors & Committees

President – Curt Gomulinski (Tau Beta Pi)
Vice President – Lara Noah (Alpha Chi)
Secretary –  Brad Conrad (Sigma Pi Sigma)
Beverly Horvit (Kappa Tau Alpha)
Melissa Martin (Phi Upsilon Omicron)
Eileen Merberg (Alpha Lambda Delta)
Maureen Scott (Beta Kappa Chi)

National Office
2840 West Bay Dr #141
Belleair Bluffs, FL 33785
Office: (727) 940-2658 x 2005
[email protected]
Executive Director – Ginger Phillips
[email protected] 

Committee Chairs click here for the 2022 Committee Objectives Report.

ACHS Committees and their Functions


  • Beverly Horvit (Chair)
  • Christina Allrich
  • Olga Amarie
  • Melinda DelMastro
  • Dennis McSeveney
  • Greg Ulferts

The Bylaws Committee shall study issues referred to it by the Council or the Board of Directors and amendments submitted by individual members or committees and prepare appropriate amendments for consideration by the Board of Directors and the Council.


Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Accessibility

  • Trish Maxwell (Chair)
  • Vinnie Birkenmeyer
  • Jay Gabbard
  • Beverly Horvit
  • Terry Howard
  • Christi Luks
  • Melinda Messineo
  • Katrese Phelps
  • Suzanne Rupp
The Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee seeks to improve the understanding and consideration of diversity for ACHS leadership, committees, and member societies; encourage the recruitment of a wide diversity of honor societies; create educational opportunities for member society leaders; and develop best practices for honor societies.

Eligibility and Admissions

  • Brad Conrad (Chair)
  • Clara Dwyer
  • Tricia Gomulinski
  • Adriana Jansen
  • Christi Luks
  • Orlando Madrigal
  • Holly Roseski
The Committee on Eligibility and Admissions shall correspond with organizations in order to determine their interest in affiliation with the Association and shall assist in the development of petitions for membership. It shall review objectives, governance, and activities of student organizations to determine the eligibility of such societies for admission into the Association and shall make recommendations to the Board of Directors and the Council.

Investment Policy

  • Eileen Merberg (Chair)
  • Mike Brown
  • Brad Conrad
  • Melissa Martin
  • Tania Matz
  • Lara Noah
The Investment Policy Committee will work to review and update the ACHS Investment Policy, with the goal to define risk tolerance and return expectations, spell out any key investment policies and constraints, provide an asset allocation framework, outline any environmental, social and governance considerations, and describe generally how performance will be evaluated.


  • Kimberly Switzer (Chair)
  • Holly Moorhead
  • Farhang Niroomand
  • Tanya Schwarz
  • Bethany Titus

The Nominating Committee of five members shall be elected by the Council, two in even years and three in odd years. Candidates for the Nominating Committee shall reflect the diversity of the membership. It shall be the responsibility of this Committee to nominate candidates for directors and for the Nominating Committee to be filled at the Council Meeting. The Committee chair shall be elected annually by the Committee from among the five members. A member of the Nominating Committee may not be nominated for any vacancy without resigning as a member of the Nominating Committee. Before the election, additional nominations from the floor shall be permitted.


  • Lara Noah (Chair)
  • Loria Brown Gordon
  • Kirsten Fox
  • Suh Chen Hsiao
  • Steve Loflin
  • Melissa Martin
  • Jessica Murphy
  • Farhang Niroomand
  • Kim Switzer
The Program Committee shall prepare the Annual Conference agenda and program in consultation with and with the approval of the Board of Directors.

Public Information

  • Katie Holmes (Chair)
  • Kirsten Fox
  • Steve Loflin
  • Maureen Scott
  • Andrew Zeidell
  • Martha Zlokovich
The Public Information Committee shall brand and publicize the Association and its Annual Conference. The primary goals of the committee are: to create and maintain brand consistency; to promote the value of ACHS membership to other organizations and the public; to help keep the website updated and relevant; to assist member societies with social media and marketing of the benefits of ACHS membership to their members; and to improve communication between member societies.

Standards and Definitions

  • Eileen Merberg (Chair)
  • Donna Cherry
  • Lara Noah
  • Cindy Stanfield
  • Lisa Stewart
The Committee on Standards and Definitions shall study issues related to standards and definitions of honor societies and recommend principles to guide the Council in its work, and shall examine compliance of constitutions and/or bylaws of member societies with respect to Association standards and make recommendations to the Board of Directors and the Council.